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W7 Productions


W7 holds an annual fundraiser requesting support from our amazing followers for us to continue what we believe to be our mission - live streaming, promoting, and basically breathing high school girls' athletics!  We don't do this for riches (ha ha) and we don't do it for huge viewership.  We could certainly achieve both of those with high school football if that was our goal.   However, as most of our supporters know, it is difficult to get financial support for high school girls' sports, especially sponsorships, because the following just isn't as strong as boys sports - BUT THAT DOESN'T MAKE THEM NOT AS IMPORTANT!

  Here is how it works:

When an individual/organization make a donation, purchase a sponsorship, buy HD copies of games, or purchase any of our production services - the buyer has the option to have the funds credited to their school of choice.   The contributions made during the fundraising campaign AND any contributions made from April 1, 2020 - March 31, 2021 are then totaled and the school with the highest amount credited will win the competition and be the W7 Home School for 2021-22.  The Home School period will run from August 1, 20201- July 31, 2022.

The funds we raise are used for a variety of needs - all that benefit girls athletics!  This includes:

  •  Replacing hardware - cameras, tripods, fence mounts
  •  Software subscription fees
  • Website fees
  • Travel, expense reimbursement, and stipends for our staff


  • Purchase a W7Live broadcast! (Updated link with broadcast library coming soon!)
  • Purchase a sponsorship
  • Purchase a W7 special production (team videos, documentary, etc.)
  • Make a donation
  • Purchase W7 apparel (Catalog and link coming soon!)


  • W7 will live stream at LEAST 80% of the home school's volleyball, girls' basketball, softball game both home and away!
  • Live stream more golf with the home school than any other school
  • Attendance and filming at various practices and team events for all sports.

2020-21 W7 HOME SCHOOL

2019-20 W7 HOME SCHOOL

2018-19 W7 HOME SCHOOL