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About Us


About Us

 Our mission is to bring a rich game day experience to high school girls' athletes in Wisconsin using live streaming and social media. We do this to highlight the excitement and enjoyment of girls' athletics. W7 is different because we focus our approach on the athletes and their families and deliver events one at a time with a personal touch, providing a big event experience. We like to say we specialize in making athletes feel their event is special and we just happen to live stream it as well! 


Our goal is to bring the highest level game day experience to your athletes as possible.  It is about more than coming and live streaming a game.  The experience is intended to be an all inclusive high level "ESPN like" experience to the players, coaches, students, and families. Below are things you can expect to occur.


We understand ADs have a big job and multiple sports.  We don't want to add to their burden. For indoor events we generally need a 6' table and two chairs and a place from which to call the game.  For outdoor events we simply need a place from which to call the game.

We love being on the court/field with the athletes.  We want them to see our passion for what we do and what they do.  This includes filming them when they are preparing for a game and having multiple (up to 7 cameras) during a game.  We will be on the field/court for the starting lineups and the national anthem.  Our goal is to always include an opportunity for every varsity athlete to be on camera at least once.  Our broadcasts end with a Player of the Game interview at our table with the POG and her teammates.  


Our Player of the Game receives a six pack of our favorite soda and a Player of the Game tee-shirt.   We have confirmed with the WIAA these gifts are allowed.

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